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By workacimaster Oct. 12th 2018
  We continue our blog feature with the next employee of the First 20 Employees that are still with ACI.  Next at number 18 is Ahmet Gashi. Ahmet is our IT Manager. To learn more about Ahmet, and the impact he has made at ACI, check out this blog. Describe your role at ACI - I am  an IT Manager How did you hear about ACI? - It was through Refugee Services Employment program What makes ACI different from other companies you’ve worked for? - ACI is family-oriented company, diverse and... Read More
By tbrowning Oct. 9th 2018
  ACI's newly designed website is designed to make placing online orders easy by putting everything at your fingertips wherever you are. With an online account, you can: Place orders 24/7 Have multiple online accounts for your company See your company's real-time pricing View your current and past orders View previously ordered parts and add them to your cart Receive automated order confirmations with tracking To sign up for your online account, click here. Or call us at 1-888-967-5224... Read More
By workacimaster Oct. 9th 2018
  Monitoring CO2 with ACI’s aSENSE-GH is the first step in controlling CO2 levels tospecies-specific saturation levels in greenhouses. During the day, greenhouse plants use CO2, water, and light energy from the sun and/or supplemental lighting to photosynthesize. Maintaining optimal levels of CO2 increases the speed of photosynthesis and growth while maximizing yields. Click here to learn more about ACI's aSENSE-GH sensor.     aSENSE-GH FEATURES • Special Coated PCB  • Extra Dust/... Read More

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