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This page provides information on the setup and operation of the ACI Meshnet900™ Transceivers. Manuals for Download include the RM2432, MOD9200BNT, MOD9200D & MOD9200LON. ACI's MHz Spread Spectrum Mesh Network technology requires fewer devices thus reducing the investment in a wireless application.  ACI also offers excellent support and plug and play set-up prior to shipping devices. File Sizes vary, some may have longer download times.



RM2432 Manual Download [PDF]
MOD9200BNT Manual Download [PDF]
MOD9200D Manual Download [PDF]
MOD9200LON Manual Download [PDF]


Software:Please use right click then Save Link As (most web browsers can't open Zip Files)

MOD9200 Software: MOD9200D, MOD9200BNT, MOD9200LON [ZIP]

RM2432 Software: RM2432D, RM2402D [ZIP]

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