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The A/ACS and A/ACSX series current switches are available in a solid-core with either Normally-Open (N/O) or Normally-Closed (N/C) output configurations. All of these sensors will have a solid-state output with an adjustable trip point (setpoint). These current switches are ideal for providing status information on any type of AC current using equipment.

The A/ACS and A/ACSX series current switches can be used to monitor devices with a maximum continuous operating current of up to 250 Amps. These current switches will not need to be externally powered, since the power for the switch is induced from the conductor being monitored. Another great feature of the A/ACS and A/ACSX series current switches is that they include a Red and Green LED that will indicate the “Status” of the switch contacts.

The A/ACS and A/ACSX current switches have adjustable trip points from 1.0 to 250 Amps. For lower trip point applications, please see the A/ACS-L current switch specifications.

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