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ACI temperature transmitters are a cost effective solution for all of your temperature measurement needs. The transmitters are accurate, durable, and reliable.

ACI produces two temperature transmitters, the A/TT100 for use with a 100 Ohm Platinum RTD and the A/TT1K for use with a 1K Ohm Platinum RTD. The transmitters produce a linear 4-20 mA output carried on a two-wire system. Optional output voltage ranges of (+1-5 or +2-10 VDC) can also be ordered. The transmitter is supplied factory calibrated, and supplied with zero and span potentiometers for field calibration. The transmitter is linear from -50 to 392°F.

The A/TTM Series transmitters are calibrated using a high accuracy NIST traceable digital thermometer and temperature chamber at three points standard. All temperature transmitters have a five year product warranty.

ACI's R2 (Aries) enclosures combine option flexibility with attractive styling. In addition, they have four-way airflow to minimize self heating. Options include setpoint, override, communication jack, and LCD. Additional enclosure colors are available on a limited basis.

Sample Part #:
A/TT1K-6-R2-4 or A/TT1K(40-100F)-R-4

Start part number with A/TT1K-